Product Guide – Copper Prints

Product Guide

Fine Art Print:

This Permajet 310gsm Fine Art Omega paper has a highly calendared smooth surface that holds skin tones to an exceptional quality. With the use of optical brighteners, an acid free neutral white base, maximum black, low metamerism, a high gamut volume, and low colour error it is easy to understand why this highly tapered and perfected paper is suitable for such an expansive range of applications.

Canvas Wrap:

With a hand crafted Tulipwood Frame, it will only require a glance to understand the level of quality here. The canvas material is bonded to your image using the very best in print technology, resulting in Giclee quality. After being stretched over the 25mm frame the canvas is taped back and bolstered with a hanger and is then finished with a high quality UV laminate to protect and preserve for years to come. 

Floating Acrylic Print:

A 5mm Acrylic Panel hung from a single keyhole fixing creates the illusion of a floating piece of wall art. The Artwork is applied to a 271gsm satin paper which is then bonded to the back of the panel. The finished product, in terms of visual prowess and durable strength is of an incredibly high quality that is only possible via this method of production. Acrylic wall decor is fast overtaking the more classic canvas as the choice for the modern home; unrivaled in image reproduction, clarity and offering a visual depth like no other it is easy to see why.

Block Mount:

The Blockmount is the perfect mount style for allowing the photograph to take center stage, providing a minimalist finish that is both solid and resilient.

The Artwork is first printed onto a high quality 271gsm satin paper with a protective laminate surface which provides the initial beautiful reproduction of your images and durability. But to then provide that strength and prowess, the print is bonded to a 18mm MDF Panel with a painted black edge and is finally finished with a neat matte black backing.

Aluminium Mount:

Make your chosen artwork burst to life with this high definition print product that displays your image in stunning clarity.

Aluminium mounted prints are the new big way to display your images as they produce a fantastic image quality and employ a contemporary, metallic style like no other. The panel itself is made from an Aluminium composite board with a polythene core. The backing frame is a hand-built tulipwood subframe that creates 22mm gap between wall and panel, creating the stylish illusion that the panel is floating from the wall. Favoured in gallery exhibition and now available at home or in the working environment.

Bamboo (NEW):

A combination of a Giclee print with a choice of four finishes and a 20mm thick five ply bamboo block makes this one of our most luxurious products to date. The beautiful detail of the hand oiled and waxed ply is visible on the edges after the image is bonded and adds to the overall look and feel of this product.



So much more than just a block mount. This product is a work of art even before an image has been mounted to it. The panel is made from five ply sustainably sourced bamboo and is hand finished with Danish oil and Bee's wax. The intricate detailing of the five layers is visible on the top and sides of the panel after the images are mounted and help to add a feel of luxury to the overall piece.